Preparing for New Baby: Clothes

Some go absolutely crazy buying every cute item they see once they get the news their expecting – Don’t!! At least don’t buy everything all in the same size!

First of all you dont know how big baby will be once they put in an appearance and secondly – they grow THAT quickly you won’t have a chance to put them in everything.

So as with everything different shops sizes vary, but in general you have tiny baby up to 5lb/7lb, new born up to 10lbs, 0-3 month, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months. There after it’s 12-18, 18-24  months and then 2 -3 years.

Now for terminology:

Sleepsuits/Onesies – with feet

Rompers – without feet

Vests – can be sleeveless, tshirt style or long sleeves but still button underneath nappy

What you need;

New babies really can live in onesies: they’re easy and convenient to change especially as you get into the swing of things. You can get them in multipacks and this is true of vests as well. If I were doing it all again I’d do it the same way – few baby outfits but mostly onesies for the first few months.

I’d buy a few tiny & new born sizes, and then get more 0-3 months. Gifts from babies arrival certainly will pad out what you have so don’t go too crazy!

Here’s my list of what I had before my lo arrived:

Long sleeved vests: 8

Romper: 4

Sleepers: 18

Trousers: 4

Short sleeves popper vests: 9

Velcro vests: 9 *
Socks: 6


Internal Hats: 7

Wooly hats: 4

Mittens: 4 pairs

Bibs: 9


Snowsuits: 2

Track suits bottoms: 4

Swimming suit: 1

Cot Cellular blankets: 2

Moses basket cellular blanket: 2

Blanket: 1

Moses sheets: 3

Towels: 4
*velcro vests – are thin cotton tshirts that open up but fasten with Velcro. These are perfect for when you’re in hospital and even for doctor/hv appointments. You find them in Mother Care as a multi pack of either 2 or 4.

Hopefully this will help you prepare clothes wise for baby’s arrival. A post in necessary items coming soon!


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