Preciouslittlethings2us: Looking back over 2017

In February 2017 I started this blog and facebook page because I really wanted to capture every moment of parenthood PLUS communicate with the other half.

The blog has had from frequently posted items to infrequent items. Past articles have been updated too as my understanding or experiences have changed.

As for our Facebook page – that’s definitely changed!

As the other half was being considered for redundancy it forced us to look at other ways we could on essence make cash. We had already stripped back our lifestyle – made savings where we could getting better rates or paying upfront for items.

We also love helping people. And I realised my lil one loves books as much as I do so wanted to bring the cheaper options to parents by getting books at wholesale prices.

The hardest part about selling items is when items don’t sell lol! You put your heart into what you do. Or you receive a biting comment that nips a little.

Some days you really think am I doing it all wrong? Why isn’t this going right and then someone offers you a twinkle of hope and you carry on in the hopes you’re still helping people xx


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