Preparing for New Baby: Items you Need & Want

Preparing for a new baby can feels so over whelming. What do you need vs what isn’t a necessity- is what we hope to help you with here:
Cot/Cotbed/Crib/Moses Basket/SideCot

In essence your baby definitely needs somewhere to sleep. Moses baskets are good for other rooms but side cots allow baby to sleep next to your bed and led you fed them in the night without getting up. Check out the Chicco one.

A Cot bed is a good investment after 6 months when you transition little one into their own bed as it lasts up to 4 years old.

Baby Bath – some people wash little ones in the sink but I think babies need their own special place to be washed. There are so many styles such a pods and your traditional baby baths.

Pushchair/Pram/Travel Systems 

If you buy a travel system well you’re likely to get a car seat and a pushchair that it can attach to,as well as convert into a pram. Downside these things need adaptors sometimes, can be heavy and all the parts they can have means they’re cumbersome for both traveling and storage!

Car seat – whilst baby should spend no more than two hours at a time in these things they’re essential for planned journeys. Unplanned you can have little ines on your lap but hospital will want baby in a car seat. There’s a group on fb which give advice about car seats and how little ones should be strapped in but a reputable store will help you with the correct installation- such as universal (car seat belt) or ISO fix.

Sling/Wraps/Ringsling/Buckles Baby Carriers

This is a luxury item – cheapest new (not including woven wraps) is approx. £50. Not for the feint hearted if you wish to buy woven either as they’re often a couple of hundred £££. A baby bjorn is in the region of £100 as well. That being said if you google the forth trimester – baby wants to be close, if you’re struggling to settle little one off to sleep or if they have reflux/colic – this item can turn out to be an essential item in your baby care item arsenal! Especially if you have a toddler in tow.

Towels – essential

Cellular Blankets – essential to keep baby Cosy 

napisan – not essential but if you want stain free clothes – this helps.

Bottles – essential if you bf or ff as to give others a chance to feed baby and give yourself a break.

Steriliser – essential (unless you’re going to boil hot water on the stove) for everything babyfied- bottle/ dummies/teething rings/ sippy cups etc

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – the baby milk espresso machine. When first on the market this gen retailed at £120, but soon was seen around as little as £60.  HOWEVER this is a god send luxury item. Less than a minute and you have a bottle of formula ready to give to baby. If you have the budget and there was one luxury item you needed – this is it!

Breast Pump/ manual/ automatic/ double or single – Pumps are as cheap as £20 of manual or £400 new automatic double pump. Or you can rent various automatic brands through their websites or mothercare at about £40 a month. Hospital grade pumps are fantastic but then again I also had success with a manual although they’re a lot of work.

But if you can master hand expressions- you may need neither.

Muslins – baby essential for the spit ups, projectile vomiting etc. 

Bouncer/swing/rockers – this is a hard one as some babies like them and others don’t. They free up your hands which is great but should only be used for 20 mins at a time – depending on babies size and age.

Gro bags/swaddling cloths etc – my little one hated them all – still refuses to sleep without a blanket as he’s a hottie. So again individual preference.

Mittens – you could use socks instead as scratch mittens

Booties – not essential especially in summer – but a must in winter

Socks – not essential especially in summer – but a must in winter

Nappies – whether you decide to use cloth diapers or disposables – you’ll be shocked at how many you get through. 

Baby events at Asda & other local super markets are amazing as is an Amazon Prime account for next day bulk order deliveries!

Cotton wool/Flannel or sponge – Baby skin is so delicate and sensitive which is why we recommend plain water to wash them in. To moisturize at a push oil but nothing else. I used cotton wool at first for washes and nappy changes, eventually moved on to water wipes and a sponge for baths and then a flannel.

Teething powder/granular/ Anbesol -a necessity once your little one starts teething. Babies can be born with teeth and teething can start from as soon as 3 months old. Check with your pharmacy first, just to make sure you get the right advice for your little ones age and size.

Calpol ibroprufen – you’ll need this for the immunizations which start at just a few months old and for any fevers.

Formula – even the best intended mothers who decide they’re going to bf – you need a can of formula – just in case… YOU CANT BF! I know you’re thinking to yourself nope that won’t be me I’ll be fine – bf can be one of the HARDEST uncontrollable and even painful battle you will have (after child birth) and when you have a frustrated hungry baby, who if they haven’t eaten in days it can be an issue of FED IS BEST.

Dummies – not essential and it’s recommended you wean them from dummies by 12 weeks old as well.