After Maternity Leave: 6 months later

I have found returning to work so hard as many of you will. It’s an agonizing decision whether to leave your career to be a stay at home mum (SAHM) or try to have it all whether party time or full time.

I went back part time, to a different role due to having had an extended maternity leave. I thought it would be good gave plenty of notice but alas things didn’t turn out quite as planned…

A Positive Performance Appraisal was lovely this past week especially as it included an apology for not having had a plan in place for my return to work, no training given relating to the new role etc… any wonder why I’ve been chomping at the bit etc

Then in this time there were the bitchy comments of staff and non communications, definitely made some days harder than others. See and that’s without the hormones and achy breasts or other worries of being a good parent.

Before I went on maternity leave I didn’t have the best experience either I felt stressed due to undue comments of HR staff discussing the return of another person from maternity leave, and just how difficult both they and the MP planned to make it. I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time and it ruined the rest of my pregnancy it haunted my every decision. I didn’t want to lose my job I wanted to show them I could do it all. It made me sick.

During those difficult times I held on to my faith, tried to remain calm and professional albeit sometimes I wish I had the confidence to call people out on their horrid ways.

I found solice looking into areas of other interest. I even found a great website to read where other women shared their stories of returning to the office post baby.

If you find yourself unhappy having returned to work know that you can find happiness outside of work, at home within yourself again. Just do some soul searching & an ear to lean on.