Travelling with Baby: How to make it easier

General advice that’s proved helpful has been to travel whilst they’re ready for a nap. That works in all situations I’ve found bar one : the train.

Aeroplane – take ear defenders and BF as you take off. Check out if the airport has a play area for kids for toddlers upwards. Take a carrier if you can. Book an aisle seat if you can for the extra room.

Train – still working this one out… but other than lots of toys, books and food, I have no other miracles to make this easier. You can prearranged assistance where someone will help you get your luggage on to a train.

Taxi – sit at the back to keep the little one entertained.
Car Journeys – map out where your going to stop, eat and rest – especially the latter every two hours. Give toys & books, prepare to have music or story CDs on the player for most of the journey. 

If you have any helpful tips don’t hesitate to share in the comments section x


Travelling with Baby: What to Pack

Congratulations you’ve decided to take a big step and travel with your little one! This guide offers general advice as to what you will need whilst travelling with your little one and we hope you enjoy ­čÖé

Start packing at least 1 week in advance! Packing for yourself and little one takes so much more coordination than it ever did before they arrived!

Speak to your health visitor/ GP at least a moth or three before you travel so they can advise and coordinate any relevant medications. You may need to use bottled water rather than tap for instance in order to avoid tummy issues even though travelling within the UK.

Carry the phone number of your at home medical team and also look up the details of your nearest doctors/ hospital that has a children’s department at your destination and make a note of their details x

Now for the list – First of all this is for little ones up to a year:


An outfit plus a spare or two for each day your away. Don’t forget to put one change of clothes into your baby’s changing bag

Put pjs on top of ur suitcase if your arriving near bedtime with the towel so you can get lo ready for bed 



Steriliser & tablets – you can get ones where it comes in a bag with a tablet that you can travel with.

Food/ snacks -depending on how you’re travelling. You can take baby milk – through security. But I don’t think you can travel with food as some airlines can be funny about that so best to check with the airline. You can often preorder formula for baby to be available to collect via the pharmacy beyond security. So definitely investigate at the airport.

Spare nappies/ sacks/ nappy cream – pack one for each hour your travelling says baby centre. I never leave home without 6 in my baby bag (a days worth except on nappy-explosion days!). And I pack a pack or another days or so worth in baby’s suitcase if I know I can get same brand of nappies at new location. Otherwise I’m taking the pack!

Transportable baby mat – believe me when I say you need this. You don’t know how clean or comfortable the space you’ll have to use to change your little one will be. I’ve had to use the floor of a bathroom too many times!!!

Thermometer and paracetamol – as well as any other medication your little one may use: think gripe water/ teething powder.

Blankets & Muslins (2 for each day) and bibs

Small bottles of antibacterial hand gel.

Don’t forget baby wash, baby lotions or creams and toothbrush & toothpaste

Dummies (if used)

Washable bibs

Sun hat

If your Weaning your little one carry a plastic feeding set with utensils, and baby food if possible.

Extra bottles, nipples, and sippy cups

Breast pump (if you use one)

Baby monitor – camera and sound if you have one

Baby Carrier – God send!!! As helps keep your baby close in crowded places like airports. However you do have to remove them when going through security so don’t be surprised if they ask u to remove it. This has helped me many a time in getting the young one through the airport and bounced off to sleep.

Also pick what you wear to travel in carefully because it’s hard to take off shoes etc whilst wearing baby

Travel cots are handy but it may be worth checking whether one will be available at your destination or whether you would prefer to order one there.

Inflatable baby bathtub – when my sister came to visit I got her one of these which was a godsend! She used it all the time even when visiting grand parents

Car seat for safer travel by car or plane – again check if one will be hirable if hiring a car. Lots of companies provide however take blankets or your own incase they’re mankey.

Collapsible stroller – you can get some strollers suitable from birth if they recline all the way back. I’m sure lots of shops do them but Mothercare do a cheap one: Nano and it’s good. We used it as our back up to our main travel system.

Can be gate-checked or checked in at the checking desk. Some can stored in the overhead bin of an airplane but check with the airline!

Some airlines allow you to carry baby items either one or two for free. You should consider this when packing as to whether you’ll take the travel system chassis and car seat, or whether to take a travel cot. Phone or visit the website for your airlines as each are different.

The same goes with luggage and hand luggage for baby. Check with the airline. As baby bag can go on board but that might be your only hand luggage. Rather than a separate bag for you.